Erik enjoys being involved in the education of young and aspiring engineers and students in a profession that he truly loves. 
The music industry can be incredibly tough and difficult to break into and he enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge to newer generations so they can achieve success in their academics and future careers.

He attributes much of his success to the people that have helped him along the way and honors this tradition of passing down knowledge from one generation to the next. Whether it was a runner showing him 'studio etiquette' as an intern, an assistant engineer showing him SSL console automation, or the mentorship of a world-renowned mixer into the business and customer service involved in running a company as an engineer.  It can be a grueling process to make it through a recording school, then survive interning and working at a recording studio to eventually become a freelance mixing engineer. Guidance to make the best career decisions can be imperative to survive and in someone's future success. 

Erik has talked multiple times as a guest speaker and lecturer at schools such as SAE, Ex'pression College, and UCLA. He is available to speak at other schools and learning institutions in the future.

Each One Teach One.